Horsemanship 101

One on One Help for You and Your Horse

Have a horse? Want to feel more confident working with and riding your new furry four legged friend?

Working with horses is a healing and empowering experience. I will work one on one with you and your horse at your location… yep that’s right, I’ll come to YOU!

Every lesson we will cover basic ground work, fundamentals in riding and work on some of your more specific concerns too.

The cost for a private lesson is $100 an hour (this includes travel time around west sonoma county, distance and travel fees may apply outside this area)

Contact Joy to schedule a lesson


Horsemanship Clinics

Horsemanship clinics are held at Root Farm using our horses to demonstrate groundwork and riding techniques. Each clinic is geared towards a specific topic, from ground manners to troubleshooting on the trail. Like us on Facebook for information on upcoming clinics.

Specific Training Issues

Trailer loading issues? Can’t stand still for fly spray? Hates his blanket? The list is long and endless… Training issues can be frustrating, we can work together to achieve harmony.

Contact Joy for more information on training sessions, clinics, or riding instruction at your barn. I look forward to helping you achieve harmony with your horse.

Unfortunately, I cannot board horses in training at Root Farm.